J.A.D.S. Farm Market Style CSA is “Always in Season”!

We are pleased to present another year of our delicious, nutritious, farm-to-table CSA Program. 

How our CSA works:

You purchase a share at the beginning of the season (either February, March or by April 30th). We then thank you for helping us to start up by adding to your share (debit) a Bonus Dollar amount.

The seeds for the season are then selected, nurtured, and harvested. As our seasonal produce, along with the fruits from our farmer friends, matures it is brought directly to our Farm Stand.

Fresh seasonal produce means don’t look for corn in April, but do look for strawberries in June.

Now it’s time to shop! We are open 7 days a week from April 1 through December 31, 9am – 5pm.
You can come whenever it is convenient for you. Get as much or as little as you want, once or twice week, or skip a week – your terms.

Your purchase is then deducted from your “share”. You can use your share on ANYTHING at the Farm Stand – from plants to produce, honey to burgers.

Our CSA members build a healthy friendship with the farmer, his family, and the staff at J.A.D.S. Not only do you get the sign up bonus, but we also do occasional Member First and BOGO sales. And let’s not forget those “try me” samples!

JADS Farm Market is primarily supplied by John D Madura Farms.

  • 300-acre Black Dirt farm in Pine Island, NY (15 minutes from the farm stand)
  • Our seeds and plants are never GMO. (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • We practice IPM. (Integrated Pest Management) so no preventative spraying
  • We are certified by the USDA in GAPs (Good Agriculture Practices) and Food Safety.

We also sell fresh seasonal fruits, cheeses, Creamline milk, grass-fed and finished meats, baked goods, gourmet ravioli, jams and sauces, and more from our local farmer friends. This year, we are also looking to add farm-raised duck and Succulent Gardens.

Every year we ask Mother Nature to bless our farm with good weather to help us grow an abundant of flavorful, nutritious crops. We believe it’s important to know your food’s true origin and with JADS CSA Program, you get to know your farmer, his exact practices, and his land. You wil learn about the History of the Black Dirt and its impressive fertility, the practices we use to grow and raise your food, and even some delicious recipe secrets. We will even share helpful hints to the DIY gardeners.
Memberships go fast and the EARLIER YOU SIGN UP the BIGGER YOUR BONUS!

See more details on the JADS CSA and download a signup form here.

Getting our hands dirty… putting food in yours,
John and Kristie Madura