This year, we’re excited about a No Waste CSA – Grown for you, by us!

Because you choose what you want, on your schedule, there is way less wasting of food when you are a part of our CSA Program.  So, not only do you get the Bonus for signing up early, the special deals throughout the Season, special bulk prices at preserving time, but you also don’t have a refrigerator filled with unknown or unusable items (aka waste)!

Back again with us this year? Here’s what will be new this year:

  • Fresh Laurel (Bay) Leaf as a potted herb
  • Heartbreakers (tomatoes) in hanging baskets
  • We are going to try growing melons again; Cantaloupe, Canary, and Seeded Watermelon
  • Plus, some kind of hot peppers, for sure, because our Farmer is obsessed with them!

Take a look at our CSA Program page to learn more about how CSA works.

Click here for details on our program as well as the 2023 Registration form.