Vegetables are always growing at John D. Madura Farms!

When we’re not out on the farm field planting or picking, we’re busy growing in our greenhouses or you’ll find us bringing vegetables and produce to our local farm stand – JADS Farm Market…or perhaps you’ll find us under a tent at your neighborhoo farmers market or green market!

Here’s a guide to what vegetables we are growing and picking by seasons here on our farm. 

Keep in mind that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature much of the time and a vegetable’s readiness can vary depending onthe amount of sun and precipitation we’ve had here in Pine Island, as well as ground temperatures:

YEAR-ROUND VEGETABLES: Garlic; Spinach; Red or White Potatoes; Yukon Gold Potatoes; Fingerling; Mesculin Mix; Gourmet Mushrooms; Tatsoi; Arugula

SPRING VEGETABLES: Arugula; Asparagus; Basil; Bokchoy; Boston, Iceberg, and Romaine Lettuces; Cilantro; Collard Greens; Dandelion; Escarole; Garlic; Mushrooms; Mustard Greens; Red/Green Leaf Lettuce, Red/Green Bib Lettuce; Rhubarb; Spinach; Wheatgrass; Scallions

SUMMER: Apples; Apricot; Arugula; Asparagus; Basil; Beets; Blueberries; Bok Choy; Brussel Sprouts; Cantaloupe; Carrots; Celeriac Celery; Cherries; Chives; Cilantro; Collard Greens; Cucumbers; Dandelion; Dill; Eggplant; Escarole; Fennel Bulb; Garlic; Green Beans; Green Peppers, Hot Peppers, Frying Peppers; Honey; Kale; Lemon Grass; Mesculin Mix; Mushrooms; Mustard Greens; Okra; Papalo; Parsley; Pears; Peas; Plum, Cherry, Grape, Heirloom, Tomatillo Tomatoes; Radishes; Red, White Cabbage; Red/Green Leaf, Red/Green Bib, Boston, Iceberg and Romaine Lettuces; Scallions; Shallots; Spinach; Strawberries; Sweet Corn; Sweet Potatoes; Swiss Chard; Tatsoi; Watercress; Watermelon; White, Red, Yukon Gold, Fingerling Potatoes; Yellow, Red Onions

FALL: Arugula; Brussel Sprouts; Celery; Chives; Collard Greens; Dill; Fennel Bulb; Fingerling Potatoes; Gourds; Honey; Indian Corn; Kale; Lemon Grass; Lettuces; Mesculin Mix; Papalo; Parsley; Peas; Celeriac; Pumpkins; Radishes; Red or White Potatoes; Red/White Cabbage; Rhubarb; Scallions; Shallots; Spinach; Sweet Potatoes; Swiss Chard; Tatsoi; Watercress; Yukon Gold Potatoes; Garlic

We pride ourselves on our extensive variety of MUSHROOMS!
Varieties include: Oyster, Shitake, Portabella, Button, King Oyster, Pink Oyster, Yellow Oyster, Enoitake, Lions Mane, Crimini, Piaoppinni.

At JADS Farm Market, we always stock fresh eggs from our own hens, local honey, and fresh local milk from nearby Back to the Future Farm in Westtown, NY!

Contact us to find out details on wholesale vegetable prices, availability and delivery options. Find out about participating in our local CSA – JADS CSA Program.

Where to find John D. Madura Farms farm-fresh vegetables and produce in your neighborhood!