Sign up for JADS CSA Program and get your share of fresh local produce and products!

See the JADS CSA product list or download the JADS 2016 CSA FORM for CSA Registration! What is CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a popular way for people to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. WHO? JADS Farm Market is supplied by John D. Madura Farms - our privately owned, family-run black dirt vegetable farm. John is a certified 4th generation farmer that practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management). You can't eliminate pests, insects, plant diseases, mold and weeds completely; but you can treat them using methods that keep both the health and environmental risks as low as possible. WHAT? Community Supported Agriculture originally started to help farmers get a boost in the Spring to get their crops planted. In return the customer is given a "share" of those crops. JADS Farm Market is the original Farm Market style where the "C"ustomer is in charge. WHERE? John D. Madura Farms is a 300 acre farm, located on Missionland Road in Pine Island. We grow seasonal produce, raise chickens for eggs, cultivate Pine Island mushrooms, and have our own hives for local honey. And let’s not forget the greenhouses where we start our own vegetable plants for the fields (and you); as well as spectacular baskets, annuals, and nurture perennials and shrubs. WHEN? Mid April through December 24, 7 days a week from 9am-5/6pm. As a JADS CSA member you purchase you debit at the beginning of the season. We then we add a bonus percentage as a special thank you for your early investment. You spend that amount "like cash” all season. You make your own selections from the fresh produce we grow or items that we carry from other local farmers. The total is then deducted from your balance. Pretty easy right? (and never any pressure about pick up dates and times…) WHY?  You get to know your farmer and the farm where the food you are eating comes from. Enjoy ultra-fresh veggies with incredible flavors and health benefits! Keep in mind that everything at our market is included in our Farm Market Style CSA Program. That is the difference with our CSA program versus other CSA's. So your "share" of the farm stand also includes local cheeses, herbs, breads, sweets, and even local Creamline milk from our friends at Back to the Future Farms in Westtown, NY! HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Contact us with your questions. We'd love to answer them and get a chance to email or speak with you! For regular updates on what's new at the farm, subscribe to our Enews and follow us on Facebook at John D. Madura Farms and at JADS Farm Market! If you would like to print out detailed information on our JADS CSA Program, CLICK HERE.