We just announced our 2021 JADS Farm Market CSA Membership to our loyal customers and we welcome NEW participants as well!

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If you’re new to our CSA, here are a few details…. or you can download the whole 2021 CSA packet by clicking here

How our CSA works:

  • You purchase your share (debit) at the beginning of the season. We then thank you by adding an Extra Bonus to your share (the earlier, the bigger the thank you!).
  • We grow and then bring to the stand, all of the delectables as they come into Season.
  • You shop when it’s convenient for you. We are open 7 Days a Week from 9am-5pm, April through December.
  • Your purchase is then deducted from your “share”. We keep in touch with emails and account balances.

JADS Farm Market is supplied by John D Madura Farms.

  • 300-acre Black Dirt farm in Pine Island, NY (15 minutes from the farm stand)
  • Our seeds and plants are never GMO. (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • We practice IPM. (Integrated Pest Management) so no preventative spraying
  • We are certified by the USDA in GAPs (Good Agriculture Practices) and Food Safety.


— Feb. 28, 2021 and we’ll ADD 25% MORE to your debit total!
— March 31, 2021 and we’ll ADD 15% MORE to your debit total!
— April 30, 2021 and we’ll ADD 10% MORE to your debit total!

Yours in Farming, John David and Kristie Madura