We provide local wholesale produce in bulk to local chefs & restaurants!

Local wholesale produce

This year we’ve begun sending out a weekly wholesale produce list to local restaurateurs and interested individuals! The produce list includes the vegetables and farm produce we’re picking fresh off the field that week – along with quantities and prices, sent each week – to help you provide your clientele the freshest, local produce grown right here on our nutrient-rich Pine Island NY Black Dirt Farm!

The fresher the produce the healthier it is for us, and the better it tastes. The shorter the time between the farm and your dinner plate, the less likely it is that nutrients and flavor will be lost from food – especially vegetables.

Why buy local? The reasons are numerous but keeping your local family-owned farmer in business seems near the top of the list for us! We think GrowNYC.org has a great list of additional reasons – click here to read more reasons to buy local produce.

You can arrange a convenient time to pick up directly from our farm or we can provide delivery.

Subscribe to our John D. Madura Farm Wholesale Produce email here! Be sure to select the “Please send me Wholesale Info” button!

You can also contact us for further details – or download a PDF of our current wholesale produce list on our wholesale produce page.

Yours in local farming,
John David and Kristie Madura