Wreaths, Roping, Christmas trees…

The weather is cold and gloomy out there…but we are here making sure you have everything you need to get your home or business “spruced” up for the holidays! We have wreaths, pine roping, Christmas trees, small potted trees and assorted holiday decorations. Plus, as usual – we have canned goods, like jams, jellies, honey, syrups… that make great gifts – especially in a basket!  We also have plenty of winter vegetables for stews and casseroles and for your favorite holiday dishes! We love our customers and are proud to provide our own-grown produce in our beautiful hamlet of Pine Island! Thank you for shopping locally!

Yours in Farming!
John David and Kristie Madura


A litter of piglets on the farm!

Nature is an incredible thing! A litter of piglets born on the farm during the night of November 11, 2014!  Mama pig is in good shape and taking great care of her piglets. Soon we’ll have trouble keeping up with feeding all of this new mouths ourselves as they grow quickly and fatten up! anybody want to adopt a piggie?!


First snow!

We are looking out at the first snow of the season! We have a new litter of piglets to keep warm and much harvesting to do on the farm! We’re cleaning up the last of early fall items at JADS Farm Market and getting ready for…you guessed it! Christmas trees, wreaths, roping and holiday items!